Brad Yoeman of Goretex gets down on a Montana spring creek


  • optimum experience is obtained with a five or a six weight fly rod/reel with weight forward floating line
  • waders for spring-early summer fishing
  • multiple layers of clothing depending especially in early season
  • lightweight rain gear easily stowed away
  • optional wading sandals (summer months)
  • warm hat (spring/early summer)), brimmed hat for sun protection in the summer months
  • sun block skin protection especially in the summer
  • digital camera
  • a sense of humor and willingness to have fun!


Recommended Gear List and Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring? Here's our expert guide to help you get ready for your trip.

Fly Rods and Fly lines

Depending on the time of year, you'll want anything from a three weight to a seven weight fly rod. The wind during the spring can be stiff at times, and in the summer months sometimes there's nary a breeze all day. It really depends on the weather. .If we only one had one choice, we recommend either a good five weight OR six weight fly rod with weight forward floating line. So if you have one of those, bring it. If you don't have a rod, we'll hook you up with a fly rod and reel when you get here, at no charge.


Again, it depends on the weather, and the time of year. We recommend you checking the extended forecast for southwest Montana prior to leaving home. We wear layers of clothes around here, so as the day warms up, we can shed a layer or two to adjust to the changing air temperature. Above all, bring a light raincoat, as there are numerous thunderstorms and rain squalls that may come through at ANY time of the day. The weather changes might quick in Southwest Montana. Spring temperatures can be anywhere from the high 30's to the 60's. Summer temperatures can be anywhere from 70-100 degrees. So give some thought on what will make you the most comfortable.


They aren't required, but they sure come in handy getting in and out of driftboats. If we find a good spot where we want to wade fish for an hour or so, you'll be glad you had them, especially in the spring and early summer months. We don't recommend any particular brand of waders, but our preference around here is Simm's, which is located a little north in Bozeman Montana. Whatever brand you bring or have, make sure they don't leak, so check them before you leave home.

Wading Sandals (Summer Months)

During the summer months (July-August) a lot of our guests like to wear wading sandals and shorts, as the temperatures are in the upper 80's most all day long. Again, we don't recommend one particular brand over the other, but make sure they fit you well.

Flies and Fly Patterns

The Stonefly Inn provides all flies for our paying guided customers at no charge. However, If you like to tie flies, and would like to try some of your own patterns, we don't mind. Send us an e-mail prior to your trip, and we'll let you know what patterns MIGHT be working at the time of your visit.


A good warm hat in the spring works wonders. Sun block in the summer is highly recommended. All of our guests love taking photographs while they fish, so we recommend bringing a good digital camera to record your memories. A sense of humor is absolutely required. Bring that too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can we specifically request a certain river that we would like to fish?

When you fish with us, it's your day and we'll take you to any of the five rivers you desire. However, as professional guides, we want to ensure that our guests get the best Montana fly fishing experience available. That said, we are constantly watching river flows and water clarity, as well as available water to fish every day in all of the river systems. If you have no preference on where you want to fish, let us decide for you. We want to put you on fish all day long, and give you the best chances for success.

Question: My wife and I are amateurs when it comes to fly fishing, and want to learn more. Can you help us?

No question about it. All of the pro guides onboard at the Stonefly Inn are experienced in teaching the art of casting, presentation, fly selection, reading the water conditions and other techniques associated with the sport of fly fishing. We've worked with beginners AND experts for years, and can help you learn so that you can enjoy the sport even more!

Question: Is there any public access to rivers that we can fish near Twin Bridges that can be wade fished?

Yes. The famous Beaverhead River is about a 10 minute walk from the Stonefly Inn, and you can fly fish there. There is also the Ruby River, a short drive to the south which has many public access points along the river. Check with us for some of these spots that we like.

A fall day in October on the Big Hole RiverQuestion: I'd like to come out to Montana in the fall. How is the fly fishing during this time?

Actually, October is our favorite time to fish. The fish are hungrier than normal as winter is coming in, and we've caught some of the biggest browns and rainbows during October. There isn't anything much better than throwing streamers up on the Big Hole in October.

We currently have a special at the Stonefly Inn during October 2008. Stay three nights, and the fourth night is on the house. Call the Stonefly Inn at (406) 684-5648 for guide availability and to reserve one of our cabins during this great time of the year. You can also fill this form out. Don't forget to bring your camera. As you can see from the picture on the right, the fall foilage is a sight to behold.

Question: We'd like to visit the RL Winston Fly Fod Company, and perhaps take a tour. Is this possible?

Yes. RL Winston is only a 1 minute drive from the Stonefly Inn at the south end of Twin Bridges, on the right. You cannot miss it. They have tours of the facility that run during the afternoon hours. Call them for more information.


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