About Montana Fly Fishing in Southwest Montana

Just north of Twin Bridges is the confluence of the famed Big Hole, the Beaverhead, and the Ruby River. These three rivers merge to form the Jefferson River. Named by Lewis and Clark during their expedition to find the Pacific Ocean in 1805, these four rivers are absolutely loaded with Montana rainbow and brown trout. A valley away to the east is the famous Madison River, named for the treasury Secretary of the United States during President Jefferson's time in office.

The spring run-off occurs the last part of May, when the weather warms up and the annual snow melt begins. We see high and fast water for a week or so, but these rivers have a way of clearing themselves up quick. It is very important to note that not ALL RIVERS ARE AFFECTED AT THE SAME TIME. This past winter of 2007-2008 gave us about twenty five percent more water for the year, so this looks to be a tremendous water year for fishing, mainly because we'll probably not see any river closures this year due to low water conditions. Here in Twin Bridges, we have five rivers we can be on throughout the season, six if you count a roadtrip to the Missouri River.

Big Hole River <read our latest fishing report for the Big Hole>

The Big Hole River

Fed by three different mountain ranges, dozens of freestone creeks and flowing over 100 miles, the Big Hole River is one of those places you just can't get off your mind. Often referred to as "The Last Best River", the Big Hole fishes well from ice out in April until the winter weather hits in November. Limited outfitter use makes this river a first choice for many of our anglers.

What the Big Hole offers:

Beaverhead River <read our latest fishing report for the Beaverhead>

The Beaverhead River near Twin Bridges, Montana

One of the three great tailwaters in Big Sky Country. Stable water flows, dense populations of trout and great insect life make this river a great option almost any time of year. Multiple spring creek influxes below Dillon create some great clear water, dry fly opportunities during the heat of the summer. Big Browns on hoppers. A great river to fly fish.

What the Beaverhead offers:

The Jefferson River <read our latest fishing report for the Jefferson>

Dan Leavens with a big rainbow on the Jefferson

Formed in Twin Bridges by the confluence of the Big Hole, Beaverhead, and Ruby Rivers, the Jefferson flows northbound over eighty miles to the confluence of the Madison and Gallatin Rivers to form the Missouri. Receiving less pressure than any of the others, this is one of those fisheries that you have to see to believe.

What the Jefferson offers:

The Madison River <read our latest fishing report for the Madison>

Rain Squall on the Madison River

They say you have to have an ace in the hole. If we had to pick a river to fit that bill, it would be the "Maddy". Astonishing numbers of trout and good water flows through the summer months keep the rods bent when fishing might be tough elsewhere.

What the Madison offers:

Ruby River <read our latest fishing report for the Ruby>

Netting a Big Brown on the Ruby

As our friends refer to secret spots - the Ruby River is a "sleeper". From the dam to Twin Bridges there is over 40 miles of twisting, turning trout water. Good public access makes this a great place to spend an afternoon before, during or after your trip with us.

What the Ruby offers:

Spring Creeks <read our latest fishing report for nearby Spring Creeks>

John  Trayser fishes a local spring creek.

If you are looking for the big name spring creeks, like Depuys, Armstrongs, or Nelsons, you won't find them here. What you will find is places like Poindexter Slough in Dillon (entirely on state ground and no rod fees). Other options are the lower Beaverhead, Albers Slough, Owsley Slough, and a multitude of smaller feeder creeks, many of which don't even have names!


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